Welcome to Ultimate Structures

Ultimate Structures LLC will help you simplify your building needs for storage solutions. A representative for JDM Structures and TOL Buildings, we are your outdoor living experts and are here to help reduce your storage problems, specifically offering a wide selection of sheds, garages and carports!

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We’re Customer-Centric

We are here to reduce the burden of your storage problems! With 44 years of prior sales experience and customer service, we work to provide you with a better lifestyle and cater to every storage issue our customers face.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We offer a complimentary site visit to provide you with suitable recommendations

  • We rely on and provide you with only trustworthy contractors for site preparation

  • We offer flexible financing options

What We Offer

  • Commercial and residential metal and wood structures of different sizes

  • A range of structures that include sheds, garages, carports, cabins, animal shelters and others

  • In addition to structures, we offer outdoor poly furniture, playsets, pergolas, pavilions, fire pits and other outdoor accessories

Our Process

  • Begins with an initial visit to our Mega Lot or a phone discussion

  • If needed, we can provide a complimentary site visit to assess the customer's need and provide best recommendations

  • Site visit is done with a laser transit for accurate grade variances

  • We can provide recommendations for the gravel or concrete pad and other site prep requirements

  • Coordination with our recommended contractors to streamline the whole process

  • Different options, styles, sizes etc. are discussed with the customer at length to ensure their needs are met. Live sample displays are available to get a true feel of what we offer to fulfill the dreams of the customer

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